Popularly known as the “Ciudad de Amigos” (City of Friends), Chajarí is located in the north east of Entre Ríos Province, 330 km away from Paraná City, in an ideal environment to enjoy its beach, thermal water resort and the parks coming across nature, the immensity of the lake and the peace of the green atmosphere.

The rutes that can be taken to get to this region are the Zárate Brazo Largo Bridge from the Provincie of Buenos Aires and Nº 14 National Route or the Subfluvial Tunnel from the Province of Santa Fe that leads to Paraná linking with Nº 127 National Route and then taking Nº5 provincial Route to the north till destination.

Chajarí is immersed in a subtropical climate. In Summer, the weather is hot during the day and the nights are warm. The maximum temperature during this season is 42ºC being the average temperature 27ºC. Winter is mild with temperatures that range from 20ºC to 7ºC.

The tourist enjoys exuberant parks where peaceful excursions combine with walks, photo safaries or horse riding excursions around the region. One of the main attractions of Chajarí is the Camping site with beach that provides one with the necessary facilities to go camping in a 17 hectares site on the verge of Salto Grande lake.

The “City of Friends” also has a thermal resort located on the verge of Nº14 National Route with spring water at a temperature of 40.3ºC with important therapeutic properties.
Another interesting alternative is to do agrotourism in the region of the citrus fruit farms and come across the warmth and daily work of the people.

Chajarí is a place to discover since it has services and facilities to cope with the demands of the people that choose it, being an excellent choice in the thermal circuit of Entre Ríos.

Anything is possible with water and, when it is thermal, anything may be attained with it. The truth is that this quiet city in Entre Ríos has become word of mouth throughout the province every since its hot spring waters were discovered. Ladies and gentlemen, the hot springs of Chajarí.


Hot springs Chajarí

This small city in Entre Ríos has its square, its Town Hall and its church, but especially, it has its own pace (including time for a nap). In addition to all this, in the last few years it has incorporated its own hot spring resort: Parque Termal Chajarí.

Meters away from National Route 14, at the access to the town, a neat and eye-catching 40-hectare venue shelters the Chajarí hot springs, which continue to add accommodation infrastructure and services.

The park boasts heated pools in which the water temperature ranges from 37º to 40ºC. All these waters are appreciated for their minerals and therapeutic properties. They guarantee that all visitors to this new hot spring resort in Entre Ríos will relax.

A special pool, originally designed for children, is ideal for parents to relax next to the youngest members of the family. This pool is only 0.80 m deep; therefore, children do not need to float. Nevertheless, they are constantly watched by a team of lifeguards.

The resort also has some areas with whirlpool tubs, perfect to relax or just close our eyes and think about absolutely nothing. Just enjoy the moment.

Sunday to Monday  8 AM to 10 PM
No pets allowed
Phone: +54 03456-427202
E-mail: turismo@chajari.gob.ar
WEBSITE: Termas de Chajarí